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Название: Zenwalk 7.4 BETA
Отправлено: sotrud_nik от 13 Декабря 2013, 20:00

Zenwalk 7.4 BETA is ready for testing.

In this release you will find :

    LibreOffice 4.1.3
    Gimp 2.8.6
    XFCE 4.12GIT
    Thunderbird 24.1.0
    Firefox 25.0.1
    Kernel 3.10.20 with performance tweaks

Several applications of previous Zenwalks have been replaced : Mplayer is now the multimedia player (instead of Totem), Lxdm is the display manager (instead of GDM), Xfburn is the CD:DVD burner (instead of Brasero), Geeqie is now the image viewer.